Asha Trust – Project Nethrodaya

Project Brief: Asha Canada is looking to educate and empower the underprivileged part of the Indian society especially those who are disabled and are seeking opportunities to enhance themselves and become an inspiration to others.
Project Type: Formal Schools
Primary Focus: Education
Secondary Focus: Children and the Physically challenged individuals
Area: Urban
Supporting Chapter Contact: Canada
Status: current / ongoing
Project Steward: Vijay Sappani
Project Partner(s): Vijay Sappani
Other Contacts: Vishal Darji
Project Address: : , chennai,-,chennai,
Tel: +91-9382896636
Stewarding Chapter: Canada
Providing a quality Education to the visually challenged is proven to be very hard, to the point where a lot of visually and physically challenged individuals have learned to get used to the idea that they will not ever reach their goals and ambitions in life. This is what we are aiming to change. Helping them get access to quality education and at the same time providing for all their basic needs while studying is the path that we are taking to keep the motivated.

Nethrodaya has been supporting the visually and physically challenged individuals and their education since 2002. As years pass, their community is growing and although, they still receive funds from private sectors and individuals, the funds no longer sustain for their daily needs, medical expenses, water bills, salary for teachers and some administrative expenses. This difficulty is what we aim to address. As of date, we have already donated $25,000 CAD and is looking to add $25,000 more in the coming months. We are also looking for more donors and promoting them on social media sites for more volunteers and donors to step in.

This project would benefit over 50 visually and physically challenged individuals combined. With the ratio of 1:8 teacher-student ratio, we aim to achieve the following;

• To provide better future for the visually and physically challenged individuals.
• To give them hope for the future and keep them motivated and positive in all aspects of life.
• To inspire people and other underprivileged individuals.
• To pack them with knowledge and skills that they could use in their day to day life.

Because of this project, we look for improvements in these aspects,

• Well-maintained facilities for the students.
• Better access to educational materials such as books, computers, musical instruments etc.,
• Trained teachers that will cater for their needs.

Nethrodaya is an institution that serves the visually and physically challenged community in Tamil Nadu. It was founded in the year 2002 by Mr. C. Govindakrishnan. As a Visually impaired individual himself, he thought about helping these individuals to help them find their purpose in life and to become an inspiration to the world.

Nethrodaya provides free higher secondary residential school and also runs free B.Ed College for the disabled. Nethrodaya is recognized by the Government of Tamil Nadu and approved by Government of India (RCI).