Current Projects

Project WHY

Location: New Delhi

Project WHY is an organization that works towards the development of communities that live in some of the
slums of New Delhi. Their activities include the running of early-education centres for pre-school children, after-school supplementary
learning centres for children in Classes I-XII, and a day-care centre for children with special needs. About 475 children in all benefit
from these centres. The organization has a well-maintained website at, and a blog providing an account of daily life at Project WHY
can be read at

Our involvement: Asha Canada is providing some of the funding needed for the running of the Project WHY centres.
The funding primarily goes towards honoraria for teachers, rent for the centres, and the purchase of educational aids.

Project Doorstep

Location: Mumbai and Pune, Maharashtra

Door Step School is a registered non-profit organization working in Mumbai and Pune, India. They conduct non-formal education classes for out of school and working children (7 to 18 years of age) residing in slums, on pavements, docks etc. With the introduction of the “School on Wheels” bus, Door Step has come closer to fulfilling one of its major objectives – making basic education easily accessible to a larger number of children. The bus drops off the children to school and also acts as a classroom for 5 sessions during the day. It also runs similar classes for adolescent girls whose parents are often reluctant to send them to school and have to work to supplement the family income. DSS also runs Balwadis for pre-school children, so that they are prepared to enroll in school when they are old enough. Doorstep has also recognized the need for children enrolled in school to remain so and to that end runs study classes for first generation learners who have little or no support at home. Our involvement: Asha Canada funds the driver’s salary and insurance of the bus

Gyan Seva Bharti Sansthan (GSBS)

Location: Supaul district, Bihar

Supaul district in Bihar is severely affected by flooding and water logging problems, leading to poor living conditions and lack of basic infrastructure in the area. GSBS is working to provide primary education to the children of poor and marginalized tribal and lower-caste communities of the region through their non-formal education centers (NFEs). The project aims to prepare these children for the mainstream government schools in the area.

Our involvement: Asha Canada’s support is enabling GSBS to run two NFEs (of the total eight) with the goal of educating 165 children. Our support goes towards providing teachers’ salary and learning materials required for the basic education of these children who live in, perhaps, the most socio-economically challenged area in India.

Past Projects

People’s Action for Transformation (PAT)

Location: Thiruchirapalli (Trichy), Tamil Nadu

PAT runs Child Development Program (CDP) centres for children in the age group of 2-5 years in five slum communities within Thiruchirapalli City Corporation limits. These CDP centres provide children with a nutritious diet, early childhood education, hygiene, clean clothing and medical referral services. Thus far, the centres have brought about significant improvements in the general well-being of these children, especially in their physical growth and personal hygiene as well as their personal and social habits. So far 220 children from these centres have been enrolled in primary schools.PAT is also working to address the financial needs of the poor women in the slum communities by providing micro-loans for their income generating activities and small enterprises. Subsequently, the interest generated through the microcredit programme will be used to operate the CDP centres. The objective of this initiative is to enable the beneficiaries (i.e. mothers) to become benefactors of the slum children in the community by extending their support through prompt and timely payments of their interest for their borrowings.

Our involvement: Asha Canada is providing start up funds to establish the microcredit programme for the first year, after which the project aims to become increasingly self-sufficient and run three CDP centres entirely with the interest generated from microcredit. This is the first time Asha Canada has been involved with a microcredit based project and we hope the success of this scheme will lead to future involvement with similar self-sustaining models.


Location: Bangalore, Karnataka

The project adopts children of ex-convicts. Houses the children in projects own child home.
Children are sent to local private schools. In house tuition and addiotional care, food, clothing are provided. At present the project serves 75 children. The hostels are located in Bangalore
taking up an additional school (at Kunnavalam) and two Balwadis (nurseries/creches). The project impacts about 500 children at the four primary
schools and about 40 children in the two Balwadis.


Location: Thiruvallur district, Tamil Nadu
Thiruvallur is one of the poorest districts of Tamilnadu. Asha Chennai has been working to improve the conditions and
infrastructure at three government primary schools (Kuppammal Chathiram, Kanakavalli Puram and Pattarai Perumbudur) in the district,
and is taking up an additional school (at Kunnavalam) and two Balwadis (nurseries/creches). The project impacts about 500 children
at the four primary schools and about 40 children in the two Balwadis.

Our involvement: Asha Canada is providing some of the funding needed for Asha Chennai’s work.
The funding goes towards salaries of additional teachers recruited and supported by Asha Chennai, repair of school buildings,
purchasing uniforms, stationery and supplies for the children, and providing training for the teachers.
The goal of the project is to create an acceptable educational environment that is conducive to and promotes learning.

Swami Vivekananda Youth Movement

Location: Heggadadevanakote (H.D. Kote) Taluk, Mysore district, Karnataka
The Swami Vivekananda Youth Movement (SVYM) is a not-for-profit, non-religious, non-political, voluntary organization,
which provides healthcare and educational facilities to the tribal communities of Mysore district in southwestern Karnataka.
SVYM runs two educational institutions (the Viveka Tribal Center for Learning, Hosahalli and Viveka School of Excellence, Saragur)
and also undertakes two specialized educational projects (mobile schools) at the community level.

Our involvement: During the period from August 2005 to May 2006, Asha Canada funded a pilot project undertaken by SVYM
to improve the academic performance of Class X (10th grade) students at the Government High School in the village of Sagare in H.D. Kote taluk,
a remote rural area in Mysore district of Karnataka. The project targeted approximately 100 children aged 16-18, and aimed to provide them
with the necessary education and motivation required to take and pass the Class X public examination.Sagare Government High School was at the time severely under-staffed, with a total of two teachers for over 360 students in Classes VIII-X.
The Asha-Canada funded project provided two extra teachers — one for Mathematics & Science, and one for English — who conducted extra
coaching classes for Class X children outside of regular school hours, including weekends. These classes were well-attended by the students.
The additional teachers also took a personal interest in the children, and established a close rapport with them, to the extent of
visiting their homes to talk to their parents and getting to know their problems.

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Asha works with a variety of project partners and community groups in many educational and development related endeavors. Our mission is not only to look at issues concerning access to education, but also to ensure that every child has access to an education that is meaningful. We try and ensure that nutrition and health care needs of the children are met. As our rapport builds with our partners and communities we provide support to make the community impact more tangible by supporting areas of need such as women’s issues, community awareness related issues and more. With these thoughts in mind we have invested our energies in supporting different types of endeavors as described below. Our support in each of these areas not only helps the individual efforts but also guides our work in terms of how we invest our energies as an organization. It helps us realize the problems faced by different communities and the important role played by each type of endeavor. Given below are links to Asha projects based on the project type. For a complete list of completed and previous projects visit our Projects Page

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