Gyan Seva Bharti Sansthan

Partner: ​Gyan Seva Bharti Sansthan (GSBS)
Location: ​Supaul District, Bihar
Amount of Donation: ​$15,000
Number of Children Served: 175

Supaul district in Bihar is severely affected by flooding and water logging problems, leading to poor living conditions and lack of basic infrastructure in the area. GSBS is working to provide primary education to the children of poor and marginalized tribal and lower-caste communities of the region through their non-formal education centers (NFEs). The project aims to prepare these children for the mainstream government schools in the area. Learn more

Asha for Education Canada support enables GSBS to run two NFEs (of the total eight) with the goal of educating 165 children. Our support goes towards providing teachers’ salary and learning materials required for the basic education of these children who live in, perhaps, the most socio-economically challenged area in India.

Check current project status here​.