People’s Action for Transformation

Partner: ​People’s Action for Transformation
Location: Thiruchirapalli, Tamil Nadu
Amount of Donation: ​$35,000
Number of Children Served: ​220

People’s Action for Transformation runs Child Development Program (CDP) centres for children in the age group of 2-5 years in five slum communities within Thiruchirapalli City Corporation limits. These CDP centres provide children with a nutritious diet, early childhood education, hygiene, clean clothing and medical referral services. Thus far, the centres have brought about significant improvements in the general well-being of these children, especially in their physical growth and personal hygiene as well as their personal and social habits. Learn more

Asha for Education Canada provided startup funds to establish the microcredit programme for the first year, after which the project aims to become increasingly self-sufficient and run three CDP centres entirely with the interest generated from microcredit.

Check current project status here​.