Bringing Light to Darkness

Diwali, the festival of light, is a time of celebration. It is a journey from darkness to light. Darkness here refers to ignorance, which obscures or even hides our understanding of reality and ultimate truth. Light refers to knowledge, which can dispel our ignorance, and clear the path to understanding.

One important tradition of Diwali is exchanging of sweets and savouries with neigbours, friends and families. The heart-warming ritual of exchanging sweets is to strengthen bonds with our neighbours, friends and relatives.  It brings the community together and shows that we care about each other.  It also inculcates in us the sense of joy associated with giving.  Without questioning whether we have the capacity to do so, we learn how to give to others.  And by doing it in times of joy, such as Diwali, we strengthen our inclination to give to others in times of need.

With Asha for Education, your donation will help bring light to hundred of children in India. In this Joyous occasion, join us as we bring a change to lives of children in India.

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