In January 2019, Asha for Education Canada had created an agreement with Nethrodaya to assist the school to provide operating dollars which would be spent directly on students.

Nethrodaya is an established not for profit in the Chennai district of Tamil Nadu, which has a focus on providing education to visually impaired and blind students.

Our funding has been tantamount to the organization to provide a valuable education to the students. We have committed a total of $50,000 for 2019 of which $25,000 (or Rs. 1,250,000) has been sent to the organization.

Our funding has been used for the following:

–       Salaries for 6 teachers for 6 months

–       Three hot meals a day

–       Snacks throughout the day

To provide a similar education to a single child in Canada, would cost $25,000 a year, whereas your donations are paying for 50 children to achieve their goals

Help us raise awareness and funds to help the children at Nethrodaya.

You can donate to us using Canada helps, PayPal or even through your employer charitable platform (ask us for details for charitable programs through United Way/IBM/etc).

Your funds will be directly sent to Nethrodaya, a proven and respected organization that provides education to the visually impaired in India.

If you are interested in volunteering with us, please email us at

We’re looking for people who would like to help us manage projects such as this one – and expand our reach!

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