Transparent and Informed Donating (Part 1)

As individuals, we appreciate transparency. Transparency on our food (by reading the label), our work (by reading the job description), and our investments (by reading the financial statements, and the analysts opinion).  At Asha for Education Canada, we also believe in the same amount of transparency.

Through open communication, and structured donations to recipients in India, we work with our partners to ensure that funds are used efficiently and responsibly.

In 2019, we have made a commitment to fund two projects.

Our primary recipient for this year is Nethrodaya in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Nethrodaya is an award winning, and proven not for profit which provides an education to visually impaired students.  As a part of the funding agreement, Asha for Education Canada is providing funds to pay the teaching staff of the organization.

In return, Nethrodaya provides the below paycheck for Raja Sudhashan,  the Braille Teacher, along with monthly paystubs for each of their teachers we have funded.



Our goal is to provide donors – a responsible option to donate to educational based not for profits in India.

Please donate to our projects, and help us provide a future to some of India’s most vulnerable.

You can donate to us using Canada helps, PayPal or even through your employer charitable platform (ask us for details for charitable programs through United Way/IBM/etc).

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